Saturday, 21 November 2015

Everyone has a mask.

You know, a long time ago, I've read a quote that says, "Everyone has a mask that they'll never take off." So since that, I wonder. What kind of mask that my friends wear? How about my teachers? Family members? Or just a mere acquaintance? It's intriguing . I'm one curios girl. I wanna know anything.

I hate it. I hate it. I wanna know everything. EVERY SINGLE THING. I don't want people to hide. Show yourself. Show it to me. Your true colors. That's what I want. I want to see you.


I'll never get to see you. Seamlessly hiding behind a mask. Whether it seems real or unreal. I just can't.

Why oh why didn't you let me see it? Is it too ugly?

I wanna see it.


I hate myself because I'm hiding.

I wanna come out from the shadows and stand beneath the light.

Will I be happy like that? I guess yes.

People will notice me. People will start to rely on me. Will I be happy with that?

Will I ?

I don't know. I'm so unreal.

I'm so unpredictable. I'm like a time bomb. Waiting for my time to explode.

Be careful because when I explode, I tend to hurt people. Especially those who are close to me.

To those who were hurted by me.

I wanna say

I'm sorry.

Monday, 16 November 2015

As Random As It Gets

What can I say, SPM itu adalah satu medan perjuangan bagi semua batch 98.

Saya batch 99 :P


Tapikan, tahun ni one of my beloved person, SPM. So yeah, GL to that person. Hahahhahaha. Lepas SPM tau la ape aku nak buat kat kau. buli kau starbucks, masuk sephora. BAHAHAHAHAH, *kejam*

And yeah, disebabkan tak ada SPM, mesti ada benda lain untuk aku kan? Yes, ujian akhir tahun =,=

BM went well, BI went well, MATH not so good, AGAMA went well, SEJARAH went well, KIMIA went well, PHYSICS went into a rocky road, BIO terjun bangunan, ADDMATHS mati kena tembak dengan machine gun pastu kena campak dalam gaung and mereput.


  1. Hijau - ada harapan A
  2. Kuning - B or C
  3. Oren - ada harapan lulus tapi parah
  4. Merah - takde harapan lulus, patah tengkuk, mati X.X

So yeah, kesimpulannya, aku nak sekurang kurangnya 3A nak masuk CHAMPIONS. CHAMPIONS tu program yang sekolah aku anjurkan kira macam harapan sekolah la jugak kot, entahlah nak. Harap lepas la masuk CHAMPIONS.

Oh yeah, about habbo, habbo is going fine, penat rank selling, penat training, penat promote orang. BAHAHAHAHHA, padahal takde boss dah, dah jadi free wanderer dalam MPD xD kuikuikui.

22/11/15 kenduri makcik ~ nanti kalau aku ada masa aku upload gambar aii yang serba tidak sempurna - sempurni ni. Bahahahahhahaha, ada button badge nama aku nanti *bangga*

Pasal blog, aku malas nak upgrade, letak cbox segala bagai, nak simple-dimple ja, blogskin? Boleh  je. Malas. Malas. Malas. Sesiapa bakal saintis tu, please buat vaksin M atau pil R (get it? >.<)

OKay lah hakak-hakak, habang-habang sekalian, thanks for readin mah bloggie channn.

Sarah, Neko.

Monday, 12 October 2015

12th October 2015

Started the day with pain on my back, arms legs and butt because yesterday I went to EcoHill and work the crap out of me. There's an aerobic session every 8.00 a.m. at The Parc every Sunday if you were wondering. so yeah, got up, showered and then started gulping water. 200ml down the hatch  ~ shuuuuuuuu~ and then went downstairs. Mama is not there she won't to the post office with Dad. There's only my little sister, Sabrina downstairs and she's taking a shower. My little brother is sleeping since he has school at 12.30p.m. So basically, I'm alone. Opened the fridge, saw some nuggets and I fried them. Ate them.And they were delicious.

around 11.00 something, I went upstairs to wake up my brother. He was like 'Yeahhhhhhh, I'm up.' but I kept knocking to annoy him. Cheeky me *giggles*. Got a phone call from Mama asking me to iron my bro's school uniform. I did.

12.00 p.m , my Mama and Dad is homeee, my bro is up, ready for school even though he's not (stay strong lil' bro). Dad sent him to school. Mama bought lot's of my stuff, deodorant, cheese, potato chips XD. She bought Yakult too. Hella that stuff is grand. She started to cook for lunch. My lil sis get's ready for school. it was like, 12.30 something, my lil' sis start shouting, 'Mama, tie my hair!' but my mom ignores it [didn't heard it, I guess] so she just stayed quite and doodle off on her tiny book. Then my Dad started shouting, 'Why are you not ready yet?!' to my sis. I was like, why didn't you tie your hair by yourself? She's like 9 if you wanted to know. I got up, combed her hair, tied it, and asked her to hurry cause' I don't like when somoene is mad eventhough it's not at me. There she goes to school :3.

That's done, then I saw Marie Crackers (biskut Maries). I was like, Mama, what are you gonna do with these? She was like, 'Owh, that's for the raya cookies, but since raya is over and I made enough, so it's just sitting there.'. Then at this point, I got an idea. Opened my phone, search for Resepi Kek Batik. Reading.... Scrolling... and thenn went to my mom and said 'Ma, it's not that hard, Butter, Condensed Milk, Milo, and marie crackers, put it all in a pot and voila! batik cake!'. She was like, you can make it, we have all of the ingredients. So I did make it. It's in the fridge by now xD chilling.... I'll upload a picture tomorrow if you're interested to see how it looks like :3

Didn't ate lunch tho. I only ate some cute mangoes named 'epal mangoes' they're so cute like, wth. then, after i helped my mama washed the dishes and stuff, I went upstairs. Decided to play the laptop since on habbo, It's my boss's turn so I need to help him out. Opened my laptop, but before that, I cheated and played The Sims 4 instead of opening Habbo right away.

Then, around 2 p.m like so, I stopped playing the sims and went on to habbo, opened the rank list and rank selling log to be ready.
And everything just went nice untuil around 4p.m something, Like, this dude, named dxni, went into the base, stripped down, wore a mermaid's tail and a bow tie, started to go around HQ. Tried to talk him out but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, he's like, I ain't listening to you. I was like, I'm so done. So I went offline. So here I am~ Blogging~ writing once again :D.

A long time ago, I used to write short stories in Malay but now, I think I'm gonna make this blog like a diary. My diary that I wanted to share with the world (or Malaysia). Yeah, so blogpost will be written in Malay and English, since today is English, the next day will be Malay and so on~

So I hope you guys liked this post, follow me guys~ That'll really help other people to reach my blog. :) Have a good day, don't forget to perform your prayers and study well (since examination is around the corner) for me xD Wish me luck gaisss. So yeah, that's it for today